Gator County
Welcome to Gator County

If you are looking for some unusual family fun in the Beaumont area, then look no farther than Gator Country! Where else could you go and actually wade with gators? What is Gator Country? It’s a 15 acre alligator preserve just off I-10 in Beaumont. Gator Country is a unique experience that is exciting for adults and kids alike, and there is nothing else like it around!

Owner, Gary Sausage, opened Gator Country in 2005. Since then it has been featured on CMT, A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, Gator 911, River Monsters, and Fox 4 KBTV. Gary and company rescue alligators from backyards, ponds, pools, as well as relocate stranded gators.

Gator Country
Gary Saurage, Owner Gator Country

Gator Country is home to over 450 American Alligators and a variety of other animals including crocodiles, turtles, snakes, and other reptiles. You enter through the gift shop and are able to purchase gator feed at $2.00 a bag, this is a must! Feeding the gators is especially thrilling for the kids.

Gator Country
Gator Country
gator country
Do you dare?
Gator Country
Gator Country Educational Show
ball python
Ball python at Gator Country

Gator Country is home to some pretty big gators, and when I say big, I mean BIG! Big Tex calls Gator Country home and he also holds the national record for the largest live capture nuisance alligator. Just how big do you have to be to hold that title? Big Tex measures in at 13 feet 8 1/2 inches long and approximately 1300 pounds! That’s a big boy! You can see Big Tex at the feeding shows just after the educational show daily at 12, 2, & 4.

Gator Country
Big Tex

Big Al is another big draw at Gator Country. Big Al is no slouch, prior to the capture of Big Tex in 2006, he was the Texas state title holder. Big Al measures in at 13 feet 4 inches and over 1000 pounds. Big Al is 84 years old and still going strong. He can also be seen daily.

Admission price to Gator Country includes the educational show and daily feeding shows, so make sure you plan to be there during one of those times. The gator feed is available for a small fee. You can also spend time looking at the many different areas of gators, snakes, turtles, and other animals. You have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience by holding one of the animals and taking a picture.

Welcome to Beaumont

You can also purchase an enhanced experience for those brave at heart that includes wading with gators and a pic with one of the big boys! Swamp Tours are also offered and can be prearranged, they also offer birthday parties and mobile events.

Gator Country
We’re going to need a bigger boat!

A day here is a day of fun and learning. It is a unique Beaumont experience that people come from miles around to experience. We had a blast and would highly recommend it for a day of family fun.

Gator Country is located at 21159 FM 365 Rd, just off I-10. It is approximately 10 minutes north of Ford Park on I-10. They can be reached at 409-794-9453 and You can also get more information on Gator Country and other excited family friendly activities in the Beaumont area at


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