My daughter, Karli, and I suffer from a not so terrible affliction; Wanderlust. I am not happy unless I am planning a trip and usually we are planning more than one. As a teacher and a single parent, I do not have unlimited funds. Many people mistakenly believe that you have to be well off to travel often. In reality it has more to do with your priorities and the ability to seek out a good deal. I feel like we have learned so much from our many adventures, and I believe that they add to the quality of our lives. It seems to have rubbed off because my daughter is currently planning two upcoming trips for later this year.

We call Southeast Texas home. We enjoy traveling to all the wonderful locations that the Lone Star State has to offer. We are avid Disney fans and travel to Orlando at least once a year. This year our mutual love for Harry Potter brought us across the Atlantic to the great city of London.

OnaDimeDestinations is designed to be both a journal of our upcoming travels, as well as, to document the highlights of our past journeys. I would like to share the tips, strategies, and lessons we have learned from our trips and share them with our followers. Hopefully, we can share our escapades and help people get the best deals and make the most out of their own journeys. We will include reviews of each destination, in addition to, hotel and restaurant reviews. Our past excursions include; Orlando, New Orleans, New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Bahamas, London, and cities all over our home state of Texas. Please fell free to comment or email any questions or suggestions, Happy travels!


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